Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Unleashed

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Yesterday we went to a Christmas Party, and I can say my family had a quite a fun time.  Jon and I loved all the people, great hospitality, beautiful house, and delicious food.  Rory loved the fact that there wasn't a youngster running around the house.  She had free access to dishes (they were plastic but they were a huge hit).

And there was not a designated "Rory" cabinet there, so she had an all access pass to the pantry- which was filled with amazing things- Like Ketchup!  Why would anyone want to play with toys when there were perfectly good ketchup bottles that can be opened and closed

There was also a remote...which Rory has no idea what it is since we don't have a TV, but we have an old one laying around that she likes to pretend is a phone, so she was making phone calls all night!

Lastly- There was a beautiful Christmas Tree there- which Rory loved because it was NOT like the one we have at the house.  This one had ornaments on the bottom part of the tree- beautiful sparkly ornaments with glitter and shimmer and hooks!  They were all within reach too- they weren't the silly felt mittens and stockings that were on the tree at home- they were adult ornaments and they were just begging for Rory to grab them and play with them....and that's exactly what she did!

All in all it was a wonderful night-

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