Monday, December 19, 2011

Cookie Baking Day in St. Louis

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Rory opening up her cookie baking day present from Mimi

It was wrapped in a target bag! hahah!

No...We were not in St. Louis for cookie baking day....but i wish we were!  Each year my family has a cookie baking day for Christmas where they all get together and, you guessed it...baked cookies.  My mother, the creative genius that she is, has always made us all aprons, headbands, shirts, etc for us girls to all wear on cookie baking day- it is really neat!  I haven't been in town for a cookie baking day in years, but i still receive gifts in the mail for things to wear on cookie baking day.  Rory received hers this year!  She got the same cute Rudolph shirt as her cousins and I got a Santa shirt (my first holiday shirt) just like my sisters.

Of course it made me miss home- I know I haven't lived at home since almost 18, but I sure miss it.  I have the best family every- we talk everyday either on the phone, texting, or skyping.  I'm not just saying that either- my family is the best....when Jon was gone, my mom and sister took off work and drove 5 hours to go to my hour long perinatologist appointment when we knew something was wrong with Rory's leg in utero...and they drove back that night.  Example 2: my parents were on vacation when we had our second appointment with Dr. Paley.  To help my tension, my parents drove across the state 6 hours away to spend just the night with us (they didn't even go to the appointment with us).  They are wonderful, and I know Rory loves them because when she does see them she doesn't hesitate and goes to them, she gives them hugs, kisses, and its as if she is around them every day, which Rory does not do with many people!

So happy she has a christmas shirt!

she loved pointing at the reindeer!  

I wish we could have been there to have Rory play with the cousins and see everyone.  Instead we made chexmix and "trial cookies" (to see if they could become possible Christmas cookies). We wore the shirts and loved them!

Thank you mom- We love you!
Shirts a little big- it may fit next year too!

Cousins in the same shirt!

Miss you, St. Louis Family!

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