Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fake Snow Fun

Pin It  Today was so much fun- we we lucky enough to have a fun last minute rendezvous with Rory's "Aunt" Katy.  We went to McAurther center because there was a winter wonderland that I have been dying to go to!  It was smaller than I expected, (I think its because I have this vivid memory of when I was younger of going to this huge winter wonderland where you walked this long path to see Santa) but still fun.  We got there and I had my camera to take my own pictures, however I knew you couldn't take your own pictures with Santa, (and I didn't want to see Santa without Daddy anyway) but I was completely flabbergasted by how much the pictures costs- it was really ridiculous, so we just took pictures of the pretty scenery before you got to the big man.  There were polar bears and beautifully decorated trees.  The coolest was this little room with fake snow and TVs of Arctic animals.  Rory wanst' too hip on the fake snow- I think she was kind of confused, but LOVED watching the Arctic critters on the big screens!  We then hung around the mall with Aunt Katy- Rory loved pushing the miniature shopping cart around and there was a stroller for a youngster to push their baby around in and it was Rory's favorite!  All in all....fun fun day....loved seeing Rory's face with the animals and snow....


Sad Looks!

Watching the Artic animals on TV

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