Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy St. Nicks Day!

Pin It I know many people don't do St. Nick's Day- Jon has always thought it was strange, but we have had St. Nick's day since we were little kids, so the tradition lives on here in the Nauss House!
Rory finding her shoes and walking over too them!

Basically every year on December 5th, we leave our shoes out by the door.  In the morning of December 6th- Surprise...St. Nick has come and put special gifts in your shoes!  So we have done that again!  It is funny because last year Rory got a pair of shoes- hahaha!
This year Rory got a new book- a custom made ABC book, an orange, and silk nog (since babies can't drink egg nog!)
It was so much fun opening presents with her!

Something sad and funny...Jon and I got each other the same thing- a big spoon that you put on the stove to hold your utensils when your cooking (dorks, we are dorks!)  But Jon also got some eggnog and a mug with our pictures on it!
What a great way to start the morning!

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