Monday, December 5, 2011

Lets start the week!

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Today is website day!  I'm working quite hard to make this website successful and to share our story with others.  With that said, I currently lack the time I need to put into the website due to the fact that Rory is being crazy today!  This whole weekend she just felt like fussing and it looks like the fussing is carrying off into the week!
When she gets in one of these moods I tend to just let her do her own thing, whether she wants to run around and chase the cats or just read books.  Today she wanted to play with tape and wrapping paper, so by all means she was taped up!
Also part of keeping Rory happy means watching the Santa Car that my dad gave me for christmas a few years ago.  She is literally obsessed with it and frequently signs "please, more car," and Rory has learned if she signs nicely and flashes her beautiful big eyes at me she more than likely gets her way.
What can I do- Im a huge sucker for those sweet eyes and smile!

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