Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Playground fun!

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its December 7... and its 77 degrees outside!  Its crazy!  So when life gives you a beautiful day, you go to little gym and then go to the park!   And thats exactly what we did!  We always enjoy little gym, and the company we have there; but going to the park with Rory just takes the cake.  
After the gym we had coffee at Starbucks with our friends.  Little gym has actually helped us so much (even though its expensive) its been the best for me and for Rory, because we have friends.  Now for 90 min a week, Rory gets to roam around like crazy in a safe environment with her friends, and I get to mom gab!  Its worked out really well and I am quite thankful for the way things have turned out.
The playground is a new kind of fun.  Now that she is getting older it is so much fun to see her face when she is riding on the swing and the slide.  She is so sweet, she ran up to the swing and was ready to go!  She also really likes to climb up the slide, which is quite funny- because she gets so excited when I help her up.  
What are we going to do now this cold front is coming in.....

I have no idea!  We like the warm weather-we are beach bums now!

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