Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rory's stylish ways!

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Today I was picking out clothes for Rory to wear and while I was looking in her drawer I was thinking about her style.  Rory is nothing but a bright colored kind of gal.  She has never been into pink girly girl things, just pretty bright colors!  I remember last year she had a white velour suit with pretty pink  from her cousin and it looked so soft and snugly.  We put it on her and she just looked kind of funny in it- she didn’t look like Rory.  

I think her bring colors come from her bright personality.  Rory has always had a bright personality, always energetic, and always happy.  I am more of a black and gray typer person, I always think I look goofy in colors and before Rory it was rare to find me in bright vibrant colors.  

Now days Rory’s style has rubbed off on me, our styles have been blended- I now have blue and gray striped shirts and even have a pink tee shirt that I like quite a lot!  and perhaps I like to wear those colors now because it reminds me of this smily face and that quirky laugh that i love to hear.  

Its funny how we change, and how we change for the better. 

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