Thursday, December 29, 2011

Therapy day!

Pin It This morning we had her therapy- Her therapist Wendy is wonderful- I love her- she is so good with Rory!  Today I had Wendy look at a few things:

When Rory walks her foot turns out, her left foot is fine, she points it straight and its perfect: but her right foot points around 45-90 degrees.  So I had Wendy look at it; she reassured me that its only because of the lift- because the lift is so big (5 cm) its hard for her to lug around, so to make it easier she points her shoe out.

I always worry about her needing that ankle brace.  She rolls her ankle sometimes- Not so much inside- she walks great outside; however when we are outside and the ground is uneven she rolls her ankle more.  Since its not too bad now, we can wait...but when she gets a new 6cm shoe lift in March we may have to look into it.

We worked on some stretches too for her- just to help the range of motion in her hips and knees.  Rory is so good with Wendy- She sat in her lap today, and was talking to her too!

Total Words so far:
mama, dada, mimi, pup pup, cheese, shoes, she can also moo, make the sound of a bunny and squirrel, and Hi sometimes!

Good Therapy day!

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