Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Already a good mommy!

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I am such a sucker for Target.  The other day it was raining and I couldn’t take Rory to her playground, so we went to Target to play.  I found some bottles there for her baby, Kindof (yes, that is her baby’s name, her cousin named her and gave her baby to Rory for her birthday...I will blog all about Kind of soon!).   I didn't give them to her yet, I thought they would make a good valentine's day treat for Kind of, so I just left them in my bag.  
Today Rory saw them and wanted to know what they were immediately!  So we broke out the bottles, and Rory was so cute with them!  She made some food for Kindof to eat, then made sure she drank all her juice!  She even made drinking noises for her!   It was probably the cutest thing ever!
She wanted those bottles SO bad!

She made Kind of Cereal, her favorite!

Such a good mommy!

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