Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back to the routine!

Pin It Rory has had a few fun days, Daddy has been home for MLK day and we have been playing so much together; however, today it was back to normal routine!

Today started her first time in the Library's Story Time.  We have been going since she was about 6 months old and she really likes it, today she did Story time at a new library.  We haven't been for a while because of her crazy nap schedule, so today she was a little timid.  They sang songs like itsy bitsy spider, that she knows, but she was very quiet and taking it all in.

I get nervous doing new things with her too- its always new people and often people staring and asking questions about her shoes.  Today I came prepared- I brought business cards with Rory's website on it so if anyone asks about it I can hand them a card and tell them to check out this site!  The cards, and the fact that we had a few friends come to story time with us, helped ease my anxiety.

Her teacher was so much better than the last teacher we had!  It is always good to get out and see friends. After library time we have to stay and play- the library has lots of books and toys for kids!  The best part, there is a playground out back, and today is in the upper 60's so we had to make the best of it!

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