Monday, January 23, 2012

Bubbles Bubbles

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One of Rory's most favorite things in the world is bubbles.  Every time she gets fussy, I go straight for the bubbles.  The only issue with blowing bubbles, is that she gets really upset when we stop.  We have been blowing bubbles since she was a baby- (Here are some pictures from January 2011).  

It is so neat to see how she used to just look at the bubbles, and track them with her eyes.  Now she is all over them, she pops them with her hands and steps on them.   She even has her own "bubble noise" which sounds similar to a raccoon.

We have the Gymboree bubbles too, we had to make a special trip last weekend because we were out of them!  I know its all just soap and water, but there is something about those gymboree bubbles that are phenomenal!

They stay on the floors, in our hair, on anything which Rory loves because she loves to pop them and step on them!  They do leave a nasty residue on the floor, but its well worth it to see this little girl make her raccoon noise while she steps on the bubbles!

I wish bubbles made me this excited!

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