Monday, January 16, 2012

Cold Cold Cold

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Even though it is freezing outside, Rory still wants to play!  She goes right up to the door, signs for outside, and will even bang on the door after she signs if we "pretend" not to see her.  So we have been taking her out to the park for a few minutes just to get some energy out and then come back inside to get warm.

We bundle her up in several layers; tights, pants, onsies, long sleeves, sweaters, fleece, coat, hat, gloves...

She never seems to keep gloves on at all, but we recently got a pair that doesnt' have thumbs, so its one big mitten and she seems to wear those pretty well.

 Rory always cries when its time to come back inside!

Daddy and I have been freezing, Rory is quite the slide addict!

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