Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rory- the fearless wonder!

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I have no idea where she gets this fearlessness from because I am not fearless.  I am horrified of many things, however I am very scared of heights- which do not seem to phase Rory at all.  I have attached a video of Rory yesterday afternoon when we attended our second playground of the day.  She now forgoes the small slide and heads straight for the big kid slide and begs for more. 
She will climb and bounce on almost anything, and doesn’t think about falling off the bed or couch.  She runs full speed into me and Jon and slowing down isn’t even an option for her.  Fearless.
Her new “trick” is to walk on her tippy toes in her shoes.  She tries so hard and falls a majority of the time, but she loves doing it, and is getting quite good.  She is not afraid not to do anything!  
Rory wears her shoe as much as possible, but usually first thing in the morning when she is still in her jammies and right before bed when she is in her jammies, are the times she is “shoeless.”  (These are the same times when my anxiety acts up...coincidence....hmmm).  She still runs around, does sneaky walks, baby steps, and marches just like she has her shoe on.  She falls, gets back up, and performs some more.  No shoe, no problem...that could be her motto ;)
I know she has never had two legs the same length and therefore she thinks having one short leg is the norm, but I wonder if she gets scared to do things without her shoes sometimes.  Like when she eagerly tries to climb up the coffee tables or tries to hang from her book shelves, is she a little more scared without her shoes?  If so, she sure doesn’t show it!  
Perhaps everything balances out- Rory is fearless because I have taken all her fears!  Either way, I am so glad she lets nothing get in her way, I hope she stays fearless forever, or at least until she becomes a mother :). 

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