Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rory's new favorite "book" to read

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Yesterday Rory got a card from her cousin Shannon and she hasn’t been able to put it down.  We ate dinner with it last night and today she was playing with it as soon as she woke up!

The card was adorable- so much so that when we went to read books in her tent, she brought it in with us to read!  And yes, the dogs decided to join us as they have recently been doing!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nightmares for Rory...and mommy!

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Last night Rory woke up screaming bloody murder.  This was no ordinary scream either- it was a call of terror!  I have never heard “Mama” being yelled like this, and it really scared me!
She has been waking up yelling for “mama” for a while, its very strange since she previously has slept so well through out the night.  Depending on the sound of Rory’s cries, I give her a “fussing” window.  If it is just forced fussing she gets about 15 minutes of fuss time, and usually she falls asleep around 10 minutes.  The cry last night...lets just say I almost fell running so fast out of my room.  

When I go into Rory’s room she is standing in her crib at the end of her bed.  She sees me and stops screaming, and when I pick her up she immediately puts her head on my shoulder and she goes back down to sleep.  I will rock her for 20 minutes or so until she is officially asleep, then try to put her back in her crib.  Sometimes she goes down in her crib fine, other times she will fight me and there have been a few nights where I have been in her room for about an hour!  

So...Now I have been doing research on night terrors and nightmares, because this cry last night was just not an ordinary cry.  I really think it could be nightmares instead of night terrors (although I am not an expert....this is my first baby...), but many of the things I read tell me not to go in and comfort her but rather let her cry it out.  Also, they say to make sure that they are getting plenty of sleep through out the day.  

I will in no way, shape, or form let Rory cry like she did last night, like I said before, I can hear her types of “cries” and if depending on the sound of the cries I will let her fuss, but these nightmare cries are not something I can listen to.   

There are some days where I know Rory probably needs more sleep during the day because if she poops she wakes up- but I don't really know how take care of that too- because if she wakes up at 2 or 2:30 and doesn't’ go back down, I don't want to put her down at 4 because then she wont sleep at knows....All I know is that I hate hearing Rory cry like that and anytime she screams like that Mommy will come running no matter what.  

Surely there must be other moms that have experienced this, so I am open to suggestions, like I said....Im not an expert- I just try my hardest to make Rory happy.

Monday, February 27, 2012

A Bed for Kind of!

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A Bed for Kind of!

Rory has nothing but love for her baby, Kind of.  (Yes, that is her name, “Kind of”, she was Rory’s 1st birthday present from my 4 year old niece, Shannon who originally named her.)  One thing that we like to do is pretend that Kind of is a real baby;  Kind of eats with us, plays itsy bitsy spider with us, dances with us, etc.  We have recently started to get Kind of ready for bed, but it was really hard for us to put her in Rory’s big crib so we decided to make our own bed for her!  
  • A box: a shoe box, or any small to medium size box
  • old wrapping paper, or paper to wrap the box in
  • tape
  • decorating supplies: we used crayons, letters, stickers 

The first thing we did was get an old box and cut down the top flaps.  
To cover the box, we used some old wrapping paper left over from Christmas.  I turned the wrapping paper inside out, so that the white side was on the outside for Rory to draw and decorate, which was a huge part of the fun.  Rory could hardly wait to color in it, so it was being colored on while I was wrapping it!
I wrapped it up like a present, I cut the wrapping paper large so some of it would overlap and fit on the inside of the box as well (if you choose to wrap the inside of the box, this will help make wrapping the inside of the box easier).   
If you are struggling for time or your toddler is being crazy, you do not need to wrap the inside of the box, the baby and blanket will cover up most of it; however I chose to wrap it.  I cut slits in the corners so they would wrap nice and pretty.  Again, it does not need  to be really nice and pretty looking on the inside since the blanket and baby will be covering. 
Finished Bed!
Then comes the fun part....DECORATING!  I had many old stickers laying around from my scrap booking days, and let Rory pick out what kind she wanted to use.  We also found letters to spell out “Kind of.”  (Of course I had to help spell them, but Rory put them on herself!).
After it was made, we were able to put  Kind of in her bed and sing to her.  It has now become a daily activity where we put Kind of to bed, get her changed in her pajamas, give her a blanket, sing her “Twinkle Twinkle,” give her kisses, and tell everyone in the house “shhhh, Kind of is sleeping.”  
Kissing Kind of Goodnight!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rory's Missing Stl...

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Today All Rory wanted to do was skype her St. Louis family!  She goes right up to the computer and says "TT, Shan, Papa, James, Mimi,"  Its adorable!  I miss everyone too!

Friday, February 24, 2012

What a Great Friday!

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Hanging by herself on the bars at Little Gym!

What could be better than hanging out with her friend at Starbucks, where Rory got to drink juice like a big kid out of a cup and she danced on tables.  Also, I snuck her hair in a ponytail!

Then to make the day even more fun we got to go to the Little Gym!

We haven't been to the Little Gym in so long.  Of course Rory had a great time!  She always does- her most favorite thing was hanging!  She was going crazy for hanging.

It doesn't hurt that my car's temperature registered at 81 degrees!  We love having the windows open and playing outside!  I have the best job in the world!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Social Butterfly!

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My Rory is quite the social butterfly- She has quite the social life.  I really wanted to make sure she has this social life too, because I am one who is fine just sitting in my room doing projects alone.  However, I know that a social life is extremely important for a youngster and I try to give Rory a well balanced education.

Today we spent time with our friend Sophie.  We have known Sophie since she was 5 months.   Rory is a month younger than Sophie, and I remember when we first met they could not sit up by themselves, and now they are crazy toddlers running around like banshees!  
Now that Rory is almost 18 months, she is now starting to play with other kids, rather than just play in the same room with them.  I think that playing with her cousins in St. Louis really helped her!  Today they were adorable- they were playing and feeding each other, of course they had to sample each other's cups, but the cutest thing ever was their voluntarily hand holding.  
Of course she still did normal Rory things- like watching the otters and just liked playing in the dirt.  

We had such a fun day- I hope this weather stays!  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Cousin Love!

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Sometimes, something so wonderful happens that it leaves you completely speechless.  

The other day, I was left completely wordless; just silent, but with a huge smile on my face.  My uncle John and Aunt Melissa sent Rory a package today.  It was as if they knew everything she liked because they sent her a puzzle, a stuffed dog, those goofy glasses with the mustache and big nose, a bee bubble blower, and some stickers.  It was like Christmas morning for Rory.  
Rory loves the puzzle, she makes animal noises as she puts the animals in their spots.

The package made me smile from ear to ear.  It just reinforced what I already knew: I have the best family ever.   While Rory was putting stickers on me, Jon and the Dogs, I opened up the cards that were inside; and that is when I went speechless.

Inside was a card from my cousin Jack, who I haven’t seen in a long time.   Jack is older now, and in his pictures he looks like a bundle of energy.  (I have a few favorite memories of Jack; see below.)  
I love how he wrote her name at the top of the card.  Rory kisses the puppy on it too!

Jack wrote a sweet note to Rory about how he knows she will be OK at the Doctor’s, because he was in the doctor and they took care of him.  I am by far not a crier, but this brought tears to my eyes!  It was the cutest thing ever.  

It makes me wish that we were closer so Rory could play with her cousins all the time, but until then; Rory will be sending Jack some mail ;).  No one can argue with me, I do have the best family ever!

Favorite Jack Memories
The day after my wedding, all of our family went over to my moms house and we went swimming, had a bbq, and opened presents.  Jon adn I were outside with Jack adn he was very curious about our cat.  He kept touching its tail and then letting go, adn he asked us, “What happens if you pull his tail?”  (Little did he know, Jon and I say that all the time when ever we see a cat or when Rory yanks on their tails!).  This is my favorite memory #1.

My second favorite memory of Jack happened at my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.   It was towards the end of the night when all the kids were all hopped up on cake, candies and soda.  My cousin Jack was running around with my other cousins, and you know how little boys run- their arms flail at that magical height for men.  Yep thats right, in an instant jon had his head between his legs and informed me he felt like throwing up.  And that is “pulling a Jack.”

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baking with my Baby!

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Happy Marti Gras! 
Leave it to Facebook to remind me that it is Fat Tuesday!  Although I had anticipated making a huge pot of Vegetarian Gumbo, I just didn't have time to go to the store and get the Rue together and go to story time with Rory....So we decided to made a King Cake instead, because we had all the stuff lying around and because I have never made a king cake before!

I had never had one or even heard of them until the Superbowl with the New Orleans Saints.  I was pregnant with Rory and we went over to my friend Jenny and Russell’s house.  They are both southerners and both thrilled that New Orleans was in the Superbowl.  One of the things they had there were was a king cake- and I went insane for it!  I'm normally not one that does the “Eating for two” type thing, but I made an exception...I ate a ton! 
So, Rory and I decided to make one today.  She really likes to help stir, and she did the icing!  Of course I helped with the icing, and with the stirring, but it was really cute to see her help!  

She never used to be big into helping bake or cook, until we got her some cooking supplies for Christmas.  She now loves to stir and she even sautee’s!  (For Sauteing, she just gets a saute pan and moves it back and forth but she will say “saute it”...its cute!  Here are a few pictures of her cooking.)

I was trying to get pictures of us making the King Cake together; but it was kind of difficult since I had one hand on her and we were working on the cake together...grabbing a camera would have been too hard.  But here is a finished look at our King Cake and Rory’s icing work!  

For the complete recipe go here!   

Monday, February 20, 2012

Shoes Shoes Shoes!

Pin It It is that special time again- SHOE TIME!

I LOVE shoes!  Before Rory- I would frequent a little shop that had adorable shoes- and they could never sell the small ones in my size, so would check their store almost weekly for cute clearance shoes....Now there are very few places I wear heals to, one can't run well on playground wood chips in heels!   I now both look forward and dread every time I get to buy Rory a new pair of shoes.

I dread it because every 6 months she gets a new lift; it went from 3.5cm to 5cm and now will be 6cm in March.  It always scares me because with her lift getting higher there is a high chance she may need an ankle brace because with the lift so tall her ankle has a higher tendency to roll.  This scares me.  Rory adapting to the lift scares me.  It all mostly scares me...

Except around this time when I get to start looking for a new pair of shoes!  I love the shoe shopping part!  (If she didn't need a lift, we would probably have a special section in our budget for "Rory Shoes.")  I have to be very careful which shoes I buy; they have to have a flat sole so that her Orthotist/Prosthetist can cut it in half and put the lift in.  The shoe also has to have very sturdy sides so her ankles don't roll.  

Besides that....I can pick out any shoes I like!  I am not sure what we are going to get for this next lift.  She is due for a lift in March, but since we have to order the shoes and have them shipped here, get her prescription for a new lift, and get the lift made, I figured I would start early.  

Since we have Medicaid that covers us in Virginia (I just learned the other day it covers only the state of Virginia not in Florida, but that's still really good since our insurance doesn't cover her shoe lifts) we are going to see if Medicaid will cover the lift and if so (brace yourself) we are going to get two pairs!!!!

Two pairs of shoes really are needed for her too.  Many children's shoes aren't made to be worn as much as Rory wears hers, so we have had to get more shoes made anyway because of the holes, tears and rips (look at her current shoes- she has worn the toe down already!).  Also, Rory is an outside fanatic, and sometimes its hard to control where she walks, there are frequent puddle hops, mud jumps, and goose poop stomps in our walks!  

So...Mama's going shopping!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The weekend is here!

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We are out and about today- such a beautiful Saturday!  Rory has been begging to go to the playground, so we have to go!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Rory makes me laugh everyday!!!

Pin It So Jon just farted really loud and Rory signed "diaper change" and said dada! Hahaha

Thursday, February 16, 2012

All About James

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Health clearly isn’t on our side- I now have a sick Daddy on my hands.  We dont get sick too often so I guess we are due!  Its sad because Rory is so excited that he is home during the day today, so all she wants to do get us all to play together.  So my time is limited today, so Im goign to share a few things about my sweet nephew, and Rory's new best friend, James.

Rory normally doesn't do much interactive play with other kids, but James and Shannon were different.  She loved just watching them adn doign whatever they were doing!  It was so sweet to see them all interact together.

Since we have been back, Rory has asked to see James many many times.  When she does I just pull up his picture on the computer and let her look at a slide show of them playing.  She often cries when I decide its time to stop looking at his pictures!  

This is a video of my sweet Nephew James smelling Rory’s feet.  Rory went crazy- she loves smelling feet so naturally, when James smells them and acts crazy she is going to be hysterical!  


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