Thursday, February 16, 2012

All About James

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Health clearly isn’t on our side- I now have a sick Daddy on my hands.  We dont get sick too often so I guess we are due!  Its sad because Rory is so excited that he is home during the day today, so all she wants to do get us all to play together.  So my time is limited today, so Im goign to share a few things about my sweet nephew, and Rory's new best friend, James.

Rory normally doesn't do much interactive play with other kids, but James and Shannon were different.  She loved just watching them adn doign whatever they were doing!  It was so sweet to see them all interact together.

Since we have been back, Rory has asked to see James many many times.  When she does I just pull up his picture on the computer and let her look at a slide show of them playing.  She often cries when I decide its time to stop looking at his pictures!  

This is a video of my sweet Nephew James smelling Rory’s feet.  Rory went crazy- she loves smelling feet so naturally, when James smells them and acts crazy she is going to be hysterical!  

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  1. That is adorable! I think the twins probably wish they could trade each other in for someone new to play with, sometimes..LOL. Btw...LOVE the new blog design!



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