Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Social Butterfly!

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My Rory is quite the social butterfly- She has quite the social life.  I really wanted to make sure she has this social life too, because I am one who is fine just sitting in my room doing projects alone.  However, I know that a social life is extremely important for a youngster and I try to give Rory a well balanced education.

Today we spent time with our friend Sophie.  We have known Sophie since she was 5 months.   Rory is a month younger than Sophie, and I remember when we first met they could not sit up by themselves, and now they are crazy toddlers running around like banshees!  
Now that Rory is almost 18 months, she is now starting to play with other kids, rather than just play in the same room with them.  I think that playing with her cousins in St. Louis really helped her!  Today they were adorable- they were playing and feeding each other, of course they had to sample each other's cups, but the cutest thing ever was their voluntarily hand holding.  
Of course she still did normal Rory things- like watching the otters and just liked playing in the dirt.  

We had such a fun day- I hope this weather stays!  

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