Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nightmares for Rory...and mommy!

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Last night Rory woke up screaming bloody murder.  This was no ordinary scream either- it was a call of terror!  I have never heard “Mama” being yelled like this, and it really scared me!
She has been waking up yelling for “mama” for a while, its very strange since she previously has slept so well through out the night.  Depending on the sound of Rory’s cries, I give her a “fussing” window.  If it is just forced fussing she gets about 15 minutes of fuss time, and usually she falls asleep around 10 minutes.  The cry last night...lets just say I almost fell running so fast out of my room.  

When I go into Rory’s room she is standing in her crib at the end of her bed.  She sees me and stops screaming, and when I pick her up she immediately puts her head on my shoulder and she goes back down to sleep.  I will rock her for 20 minutes or so until she is officially asleep, then try to put her back in her crib.  Sometimes she goes down in her crib fine, other times she will fight me and there have been a few nights where I have been in her room for about an hour!  

So...Now I have been doing research on night terrors and nightmares, because this cry last night was just not an ordinary cry.  I really think it could be nightmares instead of night terrors (although I am not an expert....this is my first baby...), but many of the things I read tell me not to go in and comfort her but rather let her cry it out.  Also, they say to make sure that they are getting plenty of sleep through out the day.  

I will in no way, shape, or form let Rory cry like she did last night, like I said before, I can hear her types of “cries” and if depending on the sound of the cries I will let her fuss, but these nightmare cries are not something I can listen to.   

There are some days where I know Rory probably needs more sleep during the day because if she poops she wakes up- but I don't really know how take care of that too- because if she wakes up at 2 or 2:30 and doesn't’ go back down, I don't want to put her down at 4 because then she wont sleep at night.....so.....who knows....All I know is that I hate hearing Rory cry like that and anytime she screams like that Mommy will come running no matter what.  

Surely there must be other moms that have experienced this, so I am open to suggestions, like I said....Im not an expert- I just try my hardest to make Rory happy.

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