Monday, February 6, 2012

Potty training optimism!

Pin It Rory has always been really good at signing, once she knew the sign "more" and "milk" she just became a signing machine.  She has even surprised me with some, like when we were outside the other day, she signed clouds, and when she sees another baby with stuff on their face she will sign dirty.  My favorite sign she has done for a while is diaper change!  After she poops, and after her diaper has 2 pees in it, she will sign for a diaper change and walk to her room (not that we wouldn't smell it, but its really cute how she does it).

However...the other day she signed for a diaper change, and I went to change her and her diaper was CLEAN!  Of course I was laughing and tickling her for tricking me, but after I put the diaper back on....SHE POOPED!

I was pretty excited but kind of thought it may be a one time thing- she is only 16 months, and she could have just been really eager with the signing, who knows...but my head instantly went to potty training and the end of our diaper budget! 

Today, she did the same thing!   I was SO happy!  So I'm thinking of getting a potty- I have no idea what one to get, if she would just like a regular one or maybe even one that sings, who knows, but I am thinking of getting one to see if she may use it! 

So am I just being really optimistic, or could this be a start to a new chapter in our life?

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