Thursday, February 2, 2012

Keeping a routine while teething....not happening!

Pin It Rory and I thrive by our schedule.  We literally have the same routine everyday with different activities.  Her physical therapist told me once that my home is like a preschool- we have different things we work on each week, like colors, shapes, animal sounds, and signs.

however, Rory is getting 6 teeth at once and our schedule is a bit messed up.

We normally wake up every morning at 7pm, get dressed, sing songs, do our "stretching" and eat breakfast around 7:45.  Today she was up at 6:30 and we had breakfast and were ready to start playing at 6:50!

So the schedule adapts....I am not sure who thrives more on the schedule; me or Aurora. 

Nap time is at 1:00 till when ever Rory wakes up (some days its literally 30 min and other days its 2 hours and 30 min, many of you know Rory is not known for her sleeping).  Rory was down pretty close, about 12:45 but has already gotten up and fussed twice! 

I hate teething- I never know exactly how much pain she is in.  Lately Rory had been putting her 3 fingers in her mouth and sucking on them.  I know her teeth hurt and am willing to give her Tylenol for them but I have such a hard time judging when to give her the medicine. 

Sometimes I don't know if her teeth really hurt her or if she is just in a fussy mood.  I know getting teeth must be awful, so the last thing I want is my sweet girl in pain, but I have such a hard time judging the "pain scale."

So our routine is messed up- teething is SO not fun!  Lets pray for a good night of sleep and a pain free morning!

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