Monday, February 20, 2012

Shoes Shoes Shoes!

Pin It It is that special time again- SHOE TIME!

I LOVE shoes!  Before Rory- I would frequent a little shop that had adorable shoes- and they could never sell the small ones in my size, so would check their store almost weekly for cute clearance shoes....Now there are very few places I wear heals to, one can't run well on playground wood chips in heels!   I now both look forward and dread every time I get to buy Rory a new pair of shoes.

I dread it because every 6 months she gets a new lift; it went from 3.5cm to 5cm and now will be 6cm in March.  It always scares me because with her lift getting higher there is a high chance she may need an ankle brace because with the lift so tall her ankle has a higher tendency to roll.  This scares me.  Rory adapting to the lift scares me.  It all mostly scares me...

Except around this time when I get to start looking for a new pair of shoes!  I love the shoe shopping part!  (If she didn't need a lift, we would probably have a special section in our budget for "Rory Shoes.")  I have to be very careful which shoes I buy; they have to have a flat sole so that her Orthotist/Prosthetist can cut it in half and put the lift in.  The shoe also has to have very sturdy sides so her ankles don't roll.  

Besides that....I can pick out any shoes I like!  I am not sure what we are going to get for this next lift.  She is due for a lift in March, but since we have to order the shoes and have them shipped here, get her prescription for a new lift, and get the lift made, I figured I would start early.  

Since we have Medicaid that covers us in Virginia (I just learned the other day it covers only the state of Virginia not in Florida, but that's still really good since our insurance doesn't cover her shoe lifts) we are going to see if Medicaid will cover the lift and if so (brace yourself) we are going to get two pairs!!!!

Two pairs of shoes really are needed for her too.  Many children's shoes aren't made to be worn as much as Rory wears hers, so we have had to get more shoes made anyway because of the holes, tears and rips (look at her current shoes- she has worn the toe down already!).  Also, Rory is an outside fanatic, and sometimes its hard to control where she walks, there are frequent puddle hops, mud jumps, and goose poop stomps in our walks!  

So...Mama's going shopping!!!

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