Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Terrible Two's already..??!!

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I have read many articles about toddlers and the terrible twos.  I know every child is different but I am just the perfectionist that likes to know what “could” happen and what I will do in that situation if it happens.  Rory is only 17 months, so she is not a terrible two yet (and in many articles I have read, it says it is more like the “terrible threes” now), but I am noticing the tantrums already starting to happen if she doesn’t get what she wants.   However, yesterday was an extreme eye opener!
Currently in Rory’s life, I think her dad and I are her two most important people, however, we are not the two “coolest” people.  That celebrity status would belong to her two cousins, Shannon and James.  Her cousins are 4 and 2 and she loves them more than anything.  She watches their every move and does what they do; they are the ultimate cool kids in her life. 
At first, Rory let them do whatever they wanted to do, she watched and if they pushed her over or knocked her down she would just look at them and then look at me almost confused.   Yesterday they were all three being insane and playing.  Rory had her cousin’s play wand and was minding her own business.  (Now keep in mind that when one cousin has a toy, they all want the toy:  it literally could be a bag of dog poo and they would still fight over it!).  Her cousin James came up and wanted it so he started grabbing it and taking it from her, and then Shannon came up and tried to grab it from her.  Rory actually held her own, she didn’t let go of it, and to make sure no one would take it from her; she began to bite her cousin James.
I could not believe it!  I have never seen her act out like that.  She is normally so passive and would just give the toy away, but not today- that was her wand!  I had no idea what to do!  A part of me was kind of happy that she stuck up for herself and didn’t let the “big cool kids” push her around, but at the same time I don’t want her biting anyone because she needs to learn she can’t have her way all the tiem!
So, we naturally took the wand away and hid it, while all three children fussed.  Don’t worry- It only took a few minutes for them to find another toy to fight over!    

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