Friday, March 30, 2012

Flash Back Friday!

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a year ago today

 Can't love this girl any more!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Puddle Time!

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I wrote a whole blog post yeasterday about her shoes, and how I was so happy to have two pairs!  The fact that we really needed two pair of shoes was reinforced on Sunday!  Rory and her dad were just going for a walk outside, when I came running out with teh camera.

It was Puddle Time!  

Rory kept going from puddle to puddle, splashing as much as she could!  It was so much fun to watch, I even grabbed the video camera!
Her shoes however, were soaked...completely!  We put her in her old shoe lift just so she wouldn’t have to walk on her little toe all day.  That was tough for a few reasons:
  1. the shoes were pretty snug and she took them off awfully fast!
  2. its hard going from her old lift to a smaller lift....
So its SO nice having 2 new pair of shoes! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New shoes!

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We Finally got her shoes!  She now has a 6 centimeter lift on her right shoe and is walking great with it!  We were fortunate enough to get 2 pairs of shoes this time- which is going to be so great since she is always outside.  She got one blue pair of Adidas, the same style as her green ones (because they are so sturdy and have such a great sole) and a new pair of white nike’s with pink polka dots on the straps. 

We are going to try to keep the white shoes “nicer,” however who knows how long that will last with Rory- she finds ways to get soap dirty!  

So far she is walking great in them!  I was so afraid that she would need an ankle brace, but her ankle is doing fine and she isn’t rolling them at all! Of course I always get choked up with the lift gets bigger- but seeing her walk and run in the shoes helped ease my tension!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Boo Boo's

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Rory fell for the first time the other day.  She was chasing a bird; running as hard and as fast as she could; and fell hard on the sidewalk!  She loves to run and is quite good at it, but there are two speeds for Rory: Run fast and stop running.  In this battle, the pavement won, and the bird flew away. 
After she fell, she got up and didn't cry at first- rather she looked down on her knees and was so confused.   And then she cried cried.  We ran home and got a nice washcloth to wipe her knees.  She kept looking at her knees very sad wondering what the blood was and what the scrapes were.  It was SO sad.  
Now every morning she looks at her “boo boo’s”  She lets us know when they "hurt" and need to be kissed....she's going to be very sad when they are gone! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

easter eggs!

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Decorations wise, my house is almost ready for Easter!  In my house, we have fake trees that look wonderful when its Christmas, and they are all lit up and decorated.  After Christmas I always think they look sad, so for Easter I wanted to put something in them, so when I saw this activity I jumped on it!

I found this activity in an extremely old Better Homes and Garden’s Family Activity book, that I had for so long, and hardly ever used.  Now that I have a family I have whipped it out and looked for some fun ideas!  This activity I had to tweek a bit, which was fine since Rory enjoyed making the eggs!  I also made several because there were a few causalities (mainly Rory wanting to play wildly with them and our cats attacking them).
  • Crafting glue (Elmer's is fine) mixed with a little of water.*
  • Balloons
  • Embroidering string
  • Wet rags for your sticky hands!
  • Hanger
  • Pin
  • Tweezers
*The instructions in the book wanted us to use fabric stiffener to make the string stick to the eggs, but when i used the spray starch (and perhaps t was the brand I used...who knows) our balloon shriveled up and the string shriveled with it.  I used crafting glue and mixed a little bit of water in it, just to make sure that it did not dry white.

We did this activity outside because it can get quite messy!  We first cut the embroidery string in small strips, about 2 to 2 and a half feet.  Then we blew up the balloons just a little bit so they resemble an egg and tied them in a knot.

Pour some glue in a small bowl (I used a disposable one!) and add a little water to it.  Dip one piece of the string in the glue until its completely covered. When you lift the string out of glue, take your fingers and run them from the top of the string to the bottom, removing the excess liquid.  This will get your little's hands really sticky and messy, my daughter loved it, but I frequently used the wet rags to get most of the sticky off!

Wrap the strings around the balloon, we played around with colors and directions. I made sure that the end of the last string I used was covered by the new string. When your have your desired look tie a string at the bottom of the balloon and then tie the other end of the string to a hanger so the balloon can dry overnight.

The next morning, check the balloon and make sure that the strings are completely dry. If the strings are dry, use the pin to poke a hole in the balloon. This part can be tricky because some of the strings May stick to the balloon, when this happens get your tweezers out!  Use the tweezers and very carefully pull the strings from the balloon, being very careful not to ruin that beautiful egg shape!  When all the air is out of the balloon, gently pull the balloon out of the egg. Tie another string to one end and hang it where you like!
Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

zoo fun!

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Each time we go to the zoo, I have more fun!  This week was no exception!  She is now recognizing more animals and can make so many animal sounds.

We sang animal songs the whole way there.  We were very excited to see the monkeys and cows. 

We met up with our friends and we couldn't have had a better time!
Our friends had a wagon and that was one big highlight of our zoo trip.  Rory loved getting in and out of it!
She was also "in-charge" of the cups and loved giving her friend her cup.
Some of the animals weren't out which was pretty sad, but as her cousin Shannon would say "you get what you get and you dont throw a fit."  So we will just have to go back another day!

the ducks were so much fun!
signing for "cow"

We sang animal songs the whole way home!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Papa Love

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Rory is one ofPapa’s biggest fans.  Today is no exception.  She woke up this morning and for some reason has been asking for him non stop!  I told her she could call him and now she points at my phone yelling “papa, papa.”  

Its been over a month since Rory and I had the opportunity to see everyone back home, and that was kind of a fluke because I got 50% off my flight if I booked my flight with in 5 hours (It was done...).  We left St. Louis on February 12- however Rory still mentions my family members all the time. With flights being so high, I dont think we will be back in St. Louis to see everyone for a very very long time, so we rely on skype. 

Rory loves to skype and often times its just my mom and dad making silly faces, singing songs, and goofing around with Rory.  Today she found the ipad and clicked on the skype app.  
So, dad, if you are reading this- Please try to get home from work early so we can have plenty of time to skype!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easter Chicks

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Easter Chicks!
We are still getting ready for Easter!  As many of you may know, I love making crafts and activities with Rory's hands, feet, and fingerprints.  I have all of her crafts in an album and think its neat to see how her hands and feet grow! 
We thought we could make some Easter Chicks with hands as wings!  Rory loves nothing more than playing with paint.  Often I will make my own paint from scratch, but to save time I bought some paint (edible of course....).
yellow paint- for the hand print wings (this was so good to help learn YELLOW!)
yellow paper- for the chicks body (or you could paint the body, whatever you want to choose is fine)
orange paper or paint- for the chicks beak and feet
This craft is quite easy- we laid out a table cloth on the floor first because we knew this activity could get messy.  Rory loved dipping both hands in the paint at the same time!  We then stamped both hands on the paper for the chicks wings.  I made sure that she left some space between the hand prints for the chicks bodies.
While the paint was drying, we cut out chick bodies, beaks and feet.  We then glued the bodies, noses, and feet on the paper with the yellow hands as wings.  
Rory's favorite part was making grass and putting the flower stickers on them! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Great St. Patrick's Day with my Irish Girl!

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What a great St. Patrick’s day!  

Every St. Patrick’s day I get a little home sick.  I have such fond memories of waking up and dressing in our shamrock sweaters from grandma, getting taken out of school to go to a huge parade where we would first run in the 5 mile race with my parents and grandpa (who would always cheat by sprinting really fast, cutting down an alley, stop off at a bar for a beer and meet us at the finish line).  Shortly after we would eat Irish soda bread at grandma’s and then have the best homemade rubens that make even my vegetarian mouth water today.  

Since I, sadly, am not going to be able to go home for probably a few years, I wanted to make sure Rory had as good of a St. Patrick’s day as I used to.  One thing standing in our way: there isn’t a lot to do on St. Patrick’s day here in Virginia Beach. 

Don’t get me wrong- Virginia Beach is such a wonderful place to live- there is always something to do with Rory, but because it is such a military town I feel like it doesn’t have much of an “identity,” (and perhaps I am just used to being in St. Louis and Atchison).  When we did go out- I could not believe how many people were NOT wearing Green!  

Last year we went to a St. Patrick's day festival in Virginia beach which made me almost cry.  It was a block of a few people wearing green and the parade was literally 2 blocks long.  it was so sad...

So Saturday we decided to celebrate our St. Patrick’s day.  We listened to my irish cd’s all day, made our own homemade vegetarian rubens (With homemade rye bread and sauerkraut!) and irish cream cheese cake, read some irish books, played some music with sticks (which we quickly learned is very dangerous with a toddler) and just had fun playing with Rory!  

Rory looked so cute in her green and irish hair bow.  She was getting pretty fussy at night so we didn’t get to conclude our evening with Darby O‘ Gill and the little people, but thats fine, Jon and I had a little Murphy’s beer which was a nice treat for us!  

The smallest St.Patrick's day turned out to me my best one yet!

Hope everyone had a great St. Patricks Day!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday is KT day!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blue Toes!

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Each week Rory and I have things that we work on and projects that go along with it.  Last week the color we have been working on is blue.  (This week is obviously green for St. Patrick’s day!) We wear blue clothes, color with blue colors, and try to point out everything blue.  One of the things, that we did last week to help her learn the color blue was to paint her toes.  

I wasn't sure how she would respond to getting her toes painted. I thought that we would have to stop because there would be paint everywhere and she would end up getting fussy because I wouldn't let her hold the brush, but she did really well!  She thought it was so funny how her toes changed colors!  

The best part was blowing on them after we put the paint on!  Now when she sees people, she wants to take off her shoes and socks to shoe everyone her paint!  I just love those little toes!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Guitar Girl!

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In my life, I have always wanted to be a musical genius.  I, literally, have had dreams of being one of those gifted people who can pick up any instrument and play it by ear.  I have had friends who can hear a tune on the radio and start playing it instantly: and it infuriates me!  Instead, I am one of those people who have to practice, practice, practice, in hopes of sounding somewhat decent.  

On Rory’s blocks there is a picture of a guitar, and she has been really curious about it. So, one day we got out my guitar and she loved playing it.  We have gotten it out almost every day since then!  

She knows not to touch the head of the guitar (because I have yet to cut the strings after I restrung it).  She now notices guitars everywhere: in pictures and in her books; and signs to play them!  She also knows when its time to put the guitar away.  At this time she will say she is all done with the guitar, and we sing it "Twinkle Twinkle little star" as we put it in its "Bed" or case.
Her first experience playing the guitar was with her cousin James and she really liked it.  However, it was her first time meeting James, and she was all about James then, so the guitar took a back seat.  Now that she knows what the guitar is she loves to look at the pictures of her and Jamesy jamming all over again!
Guitar with James- Everything he does is cool!
My husband and I are active people, the more things we can do outside the better!  But we know we can’t all go running or play soccer as a family with Rory’s leg.  We are always thinking of things we can do as a family that aren’t really high energy and vigorously active- and we think music could be the perfect fit for us (of course I may need to buy myself a new guitar now ;))

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shoes on the beach!

Pin It It has been way too long since we have gone to the beach together as a family!  The weather hasn't been the best so when we had a nice Sunday- we jumped on it!

We weren't sure how Rory was going to react, she has only been to the beach when it has been warm and she didn't need her shoes, but because of the temperature we kept her in her shoes. I think Rory likes the beach because when I was pregnant, and Jon was gone for work, we went to the beach almost 5 times a week.  I think she likes the sounds of the waves.

She did quite well!  She was a little kiddish at first, but then was walking like a champ!  The harder packed sand was so much easier for her to walk then then soft sand.  Her ankles were rolling, and I was pretty paranoid that she would roll them so would run up and get her out of the sand.

She also discovered taking off her shoe in the sand....not the best idea!

There were so many dolphins yesterday too- We couldn't even count there were so many!  I wish Rory could have seen them because she would have loved to watch them.  They were pretty close too, but the sand was pretty important and got the majority of her attention!  We brought the dogs, and Rory loved seeing them run and play in the sand.

It was a much needed family trip to the beach!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Handprint Leprechauns for St. Patrick's Day!

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St. Patrick’s day is this Saturday!  We still wanted to give out some Irish cheer to all of our friends and family- so we needed to do one more St. Patrick’s day activity!  Since I love doing crafts with Rory’s hands and feet (since I love to see how they grow over time) I thought it would be fun to make little Leprechauns with Rory’s hands as beards.  

This activity was also a good way for us to learn colors.  I made sure to stress using the WHITE paint for the hand prints and drawing the ORANGE beards and putting on the ORANGE hats.  (Always looking for good ways to teach Rory!)

Materials Needed:
  • Paper- for leprechaun
  • Paint- for the hand prints
  • Markers- to draw the face
  • Colored paper- for leprechaun hats- I used orange and black
  • Optional: shamrock stickers
We first got some paper to make hand prints- I chose to do it on green paper.  I wanted to use orange paint for the handprints, but it turns out I only had white, so we made it work and our leprechauns are going to be a bit gray!  I painted Rory’s hands and we painted the hand prints on the green paper.

While they were drying we got out some orange paper and cut out hats.  I had scraps of black paper around and decided to cut and use them for the hats.  Lastly, we added a shamrock sticker (that I got at AC Moore for $1) to add for the hats.

We went back to the hand prints after they were dry, and we drew little faces on them.  We added a smile, a nose and some eyes.  Then I let Rory color orange hair on them (so they don’t look like little old men!)  And we added the hats.
We finished by adding little phrases on them for our friends! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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