Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Boo Boo's

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Rory fell for the first time the other day.  She was chasing a bird; running as hard and as fast as she could; and fell hard on the sidewalk!  She loves to run and is quite good at it, but there are two speeds for Rory: Run fast and stop running.  In this battle, the pavement won, and the bird flew away. 
After she fell, she got up and didn't cry at first- rather she looked down on her knees and was so confused.   And then she cried cried.  We ran home and got a nice washcloth to wipe her knees.  She kept looking at her knees very sad wondering what the blood was and what the scrapes were.  It was SO sad.  
Now every morning she looks at her “boo boo’s”  She lets us know when they "hurt" and need to be kissed....she's going to be very sad when they are gone! 

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