Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easter Chicks

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Easter Chicks!
We are still getting ready for Easter!  As many of you may know, I love making crafts and activities with Rory's hands, feet, and fingerprints.  I have all of her crafts in an album and think its neat to see how her hands and feet grow! 
We thought we could make some Easter Chicks with hands as wings!  Rory loves nothing more than playing with paint.  Often I will make my own paint from scratch, but to save time I bought some paint (edible of course....).
yellow paint- for the hand print wings (this was so good to help learn YELLOW!)
yellow paper- for the chicks body (or you could paint the body, whatever you want to choose is fine)
orange paper or paint- for the chicks beak and feet
This craft is quite easy- we laid out a table cloth on the floor first because we knew this activity could get messy.  Rory loved dipping both hands in the paint at the same time!  We then stamped both hands on the paper for the chicks wings.  I made sure that she left some space between the hand prints for the chicks bodies.
While the paint was drying, we cut out chick bodies, beaks and feet.  We then glued the bodies, noses, and feet on the paper with the yellow hands as wings.  
Rory's favorite part was making grass and putting the flower stickers on them! 

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