Monday, March 26, 2012

easter eggs!

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Decorations wise, my house is almost ready for Easter!  In my house, we have fake trees that look wonderful when its Christmas, and they are all lit up and decorated.  After Christmas I always think they look sad, so for Easter I wanted to put something in them, so when I saw this activity I jumped on it!

I found this activity in an extremely old Better Homes and Garden’s Family Activity book, that I had for so long, and hardly ever used.  Now that I have a family I have whipped it out and looked for some fun ideas!  This activity I had to tweek a bit, which was fine since Rory enjoyed making the eggs!  I also made several because there were a few causalities (mainly Rory wanting to play wildly with them and our cats attacking them).
  • Crafting glue (Elmer's is fine) mixed with a little of water.*
  • Balloons
  • Embroidering string
  • Wet rags for your sticky hands!
  • Hanger
  • Pin
  • Tweezers
*The instructions in the book wanted us to use fabric stiffener to make the string stick to the eggs, but when i used the spray starch (and perhaps t was the brand I used...who knows) our balloon shriveled up and the string shriveled with it.  I used crafting glue and mixed a little bit of water in it, just to make sure that it did not dry white.

We did this activity outside because it can get quite messy!  We first cut the embroidery string in small strips, about 2 to 2 and a half feet.  Then we blew up the balloons just a little bit so they resemble an egg and tied them in a knot.

Pour some glue in a small bowl (I used a disposable one!) and add a little water to it.  Dip one piece of the string in the glue until its completely covered. When you lift the string out of glue, take your fingers and run them from the top of the string to the bottom, removing the excess liquid.  This will get your little's hands really sticky and messy, my daughter loved it, but I frequently used the wet rags to get most of the sticky off!

Wrap the strings around the balloon, we played around with colors and directions. I made sure that the end of the last string I used was covered by the new string. When your have your desired look tie a string at the bottom of the balloon and then tie the other end of the string to a hanger so the balloon can dry overnight.

The next morning, check the balloon and make sure that the strings are completely dry. If the strings are dry, use the pin to poke a hole in the balloon. This part can be tricky because some of the strings May stick to the balloon, when this happens get your tweezers out!  Use the tweezers and very carefully pull the strings from the balloon, being very careful not to ruin that beautiful egg shape!  When all the air is out of the balloon, gently pull the balloon out of the egg. Tie another string to one end and hang it where you like!
Happy Easter!

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