Monday, March 19, 2012

Great St. Patrick's Day with my Irish Girl!

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What a great St. Patrick’s day!  

Every St. Patrick’s day I get a little home sick.  I have such fond memories of waking up and dressing in our shamrock sweaters from grandma, getting taken out of school to go to a huge parade where we would first run in the 5 mile race with my parents and grandpa (who would always cheat by sprinting really fast, cutting down an alley, stop off at a bar for a beer and meet us at the finish line).  Shortly after we would eat Irish soda bread at grandma’s and then have the best homemade rubens that make even my vegetarian mouth water today.  

Since I, sadly, am not going to be able to go home for probably a few years, I wanted to make sure Rory had as good of a St. Patrick’s day as I used to.  One thing standing in our way: there isn’t a lot to do on St. Patrick’s day here in Virginia Beach. 

Don’t get me wrong- Virginia Beach is such a wonderful place to live- there is always something to do with Rory, but because it is such a military town I feel like it doesn’t have much of an “identity,” (and perhaps I am just used to being in St. Louis and Atchison).  When we did go out- I could not believe how many people were NOT wearing Green!  

Last year we went to a St. Patrick's day festival in Virginia beach which made me almost cry.  It was a block of a few people wearing green and the parade was literally 2 blocks long.  it was so sad...

So Saturday we decided to celebrate our St. Patrick’s day.  We listened to my irish cd’s all day, made our own homemade vegetarian rubens (With homemade rye bread and sauerkraut!) and irish cream cheese cake, read some irish books, played some music with sticks (which we quickly learned is very dangerous with a toddler) and just had fun playing with Rory!  

Rory looked so cute in her green and irish hair bow.  She was getting pretty fussy at night so we didn’t get to conclude our evening with Darby O‘ Gill and the little people, but thats fine, Jon and I had a little Murphy’s beer which was a nice treat for us!  

The smallest St.Patrick's day turned out to me my best one yet!

Hope everyone had a great St. Patricks Day!

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