Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Guitar Girl!

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In my life, I have always wanted to be a musical genius.  I, literally, have had dreams of being one of those gifted people who can pick up any instrument and play it by ear.  I have had friends who can hear a tune on the radio and start playing it instantly: and it infuriates me!  Instead, I am one of those people who have to practice, practice, practice, in hopes of sounding somewhat decent.  

On Rory’s blocks there is a picture of a guitar, and she has been really curious about it. So, one day we got out my guitar and she loved playing it.  We have gotten it out almost every day since then!  

She knows not to touch the head of the guitar (because I have yet to cut the strings after I restrung it).  She now notices guitars everywhere: in pictures and in her books; and signs to play them!  She also knows when its time to put the guitar away.  At this time she will say she is all done with the guitar, and we sing it "Twinkle Twinkle little star" as we put it in its "Bed" or case.
Her first experience playing the guitar was with her cousin James and she really liked it.  However, it was her first time meeting James, and she was all about James then, so the guitar took a back seat.  Now that she knows what the guitar is she loves to look at the pictures of her and Jamesy jamming all over again!
Guitar with James- Everything he does is cool!
My husband and I are active people, the more things we can do outside the better!  But we know we can’t all go running or play soccer as a family with Rory’s leg.  We are always thinking of things we can do as a family that aren’t really high energy and vigorously active- and we think music could be the perfect fit for us (of course I may need to buy myself a new guitar now ;))

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