Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New shoes!

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We Finally got her shoes!  She now has a 6 centimeter lift on her right shoe and is walking great with it!  We were fortunate enough to get 2 pairs of shoes this time- which is going to be so great since she is always outside.  She got one blue pair of Adidas, the same style as her green ones (because they are so sturdy and have such a great sole) and a new pair of white nike’s with pink polka dots on the straps. 

We are going to try to keep the white shoes “nicer,” however who knows how long that will last with Rory- she finds ways to get soap dirty!  

So far she is walking great in them!  I was so afraid that she would need an ankle brace, but her ankle is doing fine and she isn’t rolling them at all! Of course I always get choked up with the lift gets bigger- but seeing her walk and run in the shoes helped ease my tension!

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