Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Papa Love

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Rory is one ofPapa’s biggest fans.  Today is no exception.  She woke up this morning and for some reason has been asking for him non stop!  I told her she could call him and now she points at my phone yelling “papa, papa.”  

Its been over a month since Rory and I had the opportunity to see everyone back home, and that was kind of a fluke because I got 50% off my flight if I booked my flight with in 5 hours (It was done...).  We left St. Louis on February 12- however Rory still mentions my family members all the time. With flights being so high, I dont think we will be back in St. Louis to see everyone for a very very long time, so we rely on skype. 

Rory loves to skype and often times its just my mom and dad making silly faces, singing songs, and goofing around with Rory.  Today she found the ipad and clicked on the skype app.  
So, dad, if you are reading this- Please try to get home from work early so we can have plenty of time to skype!

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  1. OhMyGosh Rory is so cute. I love that she Skype's with your mom and dad. :) -Roanna



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