Thursday, March 29, 2012

Puddle Time!

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I wrote a whole blog post yeasterday about her shoes, and how I was so happy to have two pairs!  The fact that we really needed two pair of shoes was reinforced on Sunday!  Rory and her dad were just going for a walk outside, when I came running out with teh camera.

It was Puddle Time!  

Rory kept going from puddle to puddle, splashing as much as she could!  It was so much fun to watch, I even grabbed the video camera!
Her shoes however, were soaked...completely!  We put her in her old shoe lift just so she wouldn’t have to walk on her little toe all day.  That was tough for a few reasons:
  1. the shoes were pretty snug and she took them off awfully fast!
  2. its hard going from her old lift to a smaller lift....
So its SO nice having 2 new pair of shoes! 

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