Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shoes on the beach!

Pin It It has been way too long since we have gone to the beach together as a family!  The weather hasn't been the best so when we had a nice Sunday- we jumped on it!

We weren't sure how Rory was going to react, she has only been to the beach when it has been warm and she didn't need her shoes, but because of the temperature we kept her in her shoes. I think Rory likes the beach because when I was pregnant, and Jon was gone for work, we went to the beach almost 5 times a week.  I think she likes the sounds of the waves.

She did quite well!  She was a little kiddish at first, but then was walking like a champ!  The harder packed sand was so much easier for her to walk then then soft sand.  Her ankles were rolling, and I was pretty paranoid that she would roll them so would run up and get her out of the sand.

She also discovered taking off her shoe in the sand....not the best idea!

There were so many dolphins yesterday too- We couldn't even count there were so many!  I wish Rory could have seen them because she would have loved to watch them.  They were pretty close too, but the sand was pretty important and got the majority of her attention!  We brought the dogs, and Rory loved seeing them run and play in the sand.

It was a much needed family trip to the beach!

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