Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thank you!

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Id like to have a huge Thank you to Erica at Coastal Orthotics and Prosthetics!  She has been a real joy to work with!  I am very new to the whole “shoe lift” business so I have no clue how to pick out shoes.  I know they have to have flat soles so they can cut into them and make a lift and that they have to have very sturdy sides since the ankle can turn out.  

Jon and I have been looking at shoes for a while and we wanted to get two pairs for Rory.  I sent SEVERAL emails to poor Erica asking her about several shoes that we could possibly put a lift on.  I really wanted to be sure because I would hate to buy shoes (because we normally do it online) and then have to ship them back!

She called and let me know all about why we couldn't’ use the shoes (apparently it has to be a certain kind of rubber!).
I really do appreciate all her help with everything- It really means a lot to me!  

on a different note...We went to the doctor and have shoes being made as we speak!!!

I can’t wait to show everyone!

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