Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fearless girl!

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My daughter Rory is fearless.  I have no idea where she gets this fearlessness from but she will climb as high as she can, will jump off anything, and seems to not be afraid of anything (except being alone in her crib)!  Her latest excursion: snake petting.  
There is this amazing pet store we went to the other day, that has tons of aquatic animals, reptiles, small critters, and birds- it is truly amazing.  While we were there Rory saw a lady holding a snake.  Without hesitation Rory went right up to her and looked up at her with curious eyes.  The lady asked Rory if she wanted to pet it and Rory’s eyes lit up and my courageous daughter reached up and began petting it before I could pull her away!  
The snakes were by far her favorite!  She now plays with her plastic snake and wants me to hold it like the lady did so she can pet it!
The pet store also has a room with uncaged birds, and you can go into the room and look at them.  Rory loved them- the birds were eating nuts, but Rory thought the nuts were onions!  It was so cute to watch her with the birds.  It was so strange to me how she liked the snakes better than the birds....but to each their own!   I don't see us getting a pet snake soon, but I will take her to the pet store to look at them anytime!

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