Sunday, April 22, 2012

First potty!!!

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Soooooo- Last Thrusday was Potty day!  Rory used her potty for the first time!  She did SO good!  I have had Rory sit on her potty with me for quite some time now.  I know there have been other mom’s who have seriously thought I was crazy because I had Rory sitting on a potty shortly after her first birthday!  

But I did it for a few reasons, I mainly wanted her to get used to the potty, It has to be pretty strange for a kid to sit on a chair with a big whole cut out of it!  Secondly, I did it for me: so when I had to use the bathroom I could get Rory to come in with me and she would feel like she was doing something too!   She also loves to pretend to wipe, which makes me laugh!

So she has been sitting on it for sometime and I would always ask her if she wanted to take her diaper off and she said “no”.  When she became comfortable, she said yes and the week before she went potty she sat on it with her diaper off.  

Thursday she finally went potty!  She likes to say “shhhh” so she can hear the potty.  I was so excited!   I had thought about giving Rory a reward or something, but honestly; I think Rory is completely happy with just very positive praise, and of course nothing would be complete without a mommy and daughter happy dance!  Once again I can not be more proud of my girl.... 

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