Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Papa!

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Today is a very special day- its Rory’s Papa’s birthday!  My dad is wonderful; he is and has always has been there for his family.  Family has always been my fathers first priority, and he made sure we all knew family came first growing up.  
My dad now has three grand kids and his family values could not be stronger.
I remember when we finally found out Rory had Congenital Femoral Deficiency.  I informed them about Dr. Paley and how we were going to be taking Rory down to Florida for surgeries.  My dad immediately tried to think of ways to help raise money for our trips.  He also began doing research on her condition so he would know what we were in store for in the future.  
On Rory’s last appointment with Dr. Paley, my parents happened to be vacationing 6 hours away on the other side of Florida.  My dad decided to drive across Florida just to meet us for a few hours the night before the appointment.  It was such a surprise for us!  We had dinner that night and breakfast that morning, and they left to drive back to their hotel before Rory’s appointment.  Best surprise ever!
I also love how Rory will not see him for 6 months or so and when she does see him, she runs right up to him and hugs him.  I wish we could be there today to give him a hug on her birthday!  
Happy birthday dad!  Thank you for being the best Papa to Rory, we love you so much!

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