Sunday, April 15, 2012

Playground Problems!

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Many of you know how Rory and I are playground junkies.  We go to different parks around the neighborhood at least 5 times a week, weather depending of course.  Rory LOVES everything about the park and gets so excited when she sees it from the car.  Rory is definitely a mommy’s girl- in that she has a routine for everything; even the playground!  Rory literally leaps out of her car seat and runs straight to the swings: always the swings first!  Swings, Steps, (somedays) Slide...Repeat!
The playgrounds have recently become harder for both me and Rory with her new shoes.  The wood chips are quite difficult for her to walk on, and often times she is not walking- she's running!   Although in my previous posts I have talked about how well she is doing with her shoes, and she is doing quite well; however, when she does fall and roll her ankle she falls hard and it looks painful.  Many times when this happens I think it is more painful for me to watch than for Rory, because after she cries she is back up 150% trying to make up for the lost time she had while she was crying.  
wobbly girl!
Another issue we have noticed with Rory’s new shoe is that it is not “Swing compatible,” in other words, the shoe doesn’t fit in and out of the swing!  Rory is only a toddler so she  still rides in the baby swings with the holes cut out for her legs.  Getting into the swing is not as much of a problem as getting out.  Often we can gingerly move her leg and try to get the shoe in first, then put the other leg in; however, depending on the swing and size of the holes cut out for the legs, her shoe has to be taken off to get her leg to fit. 

Getting out of the swing, we are guaranteed to have the shoe to fall off, because it just won’t fit through those holes!!  This is tricky because once the shoe is off Rory has to take her sock off (it is not even an option for her to keep the sock on- if the shoe is off the sock is off!), and she hates putting her shoe back on!  Rory is so determined to play as hard as she can at the playground, even shoeless.  She will tip toe her sweet leg all around the wood chips until she gets to her final destination!

Lastly, Rory is a daredevil.  I have no clue where she gets this fearlessness from, but it is not from me (I will blog more about this soon)!   She likes to find playground equipment that is intended for older children and defy all gravity.  Yesterday, at the playground, there was a wall you could climb with little squares cut out of it so you can put your hands and feet in it and climb up to the slides.  Rory went right up to it, and (with Jon or myself right behind her) she climbed it all by herself- no fear.  Keep in mind- this may be a normal thing for most toddlers to do- but Rory’s shoe will not fit in teh square holes cut out, so my little monkey child is climbing up this thing with her 2 strong arms and one big leg.  Although it terrifies me, it makes me so proud.
The higher & more dangerous; the better!

So, yes, playgrounds are quite hard for us!  Perhaps they will get easier and we will get used to the additional obstacles, but right now, playgrounds are tough with a 6 cm shoe lift!  However, the smile on her face is well worth all the gray hairs and anxiety I am getting!
how can I say no to this face!

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