Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Scooter and Meat!

Pin It We  have a few new pets around our house lately....don’t worry they are not real pets!  ...But we have had 2 ducks stop by our house every day for the last few weeks.  Rory and I have even named them.  There is a brown duck that is fast we named “Scooter,” and a fat one with a green head we named “Meat.”
Rory loves ducks, she has since she was a little baby.  The ducks are coming up to the side doors on our house is awesome- Rory will run up to the windows chanting their names and pointing.  She then will bang on the front door wanting to go outside in hopes of catching one of the quackers.  As soon as the ducks see Rory, they (of course) start waddling away.  After she realizes that she can’t catch them, she will shake our birdfeeder so most of the birdseed will fall on the ground hoping the ducks are famished enough to come over and have a little snack at her feet.  

Meat has been known to stay by our side doors longer than Scooter, so when Rory and I come inside we normally sing Meat.  We think he really enjoys when we sing 6 little ducks and fly around the living room.  His favorite is probably Twinkle Twinkle little star, because it is way more quiet.  
We love our new pets- and LOVE that they are outside pets ;)

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