Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Separation Anxiety take 2

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Since that dreaded day, Rory’s Separation Anxiety has been out of control.  She does not want to be away from me EVER.  She wants me 24/7, especially at night!  The first few nights she would scream bloody murder when we put her in her crib.  She wouldn’t go to bed until about 10, which is SO late for us- Jon and I are usually in bed by 9!  

We quickly learned that Rory in our bed is not a good idea.  I didn’t sleep a wink when she was right next to me for several reasons; first i was afraid that she would crawl in the covers and suffocate, Rory also pulls my hair in her sleep, and she likes to sleep across my chest, and also she likes  the Also we are early birds, we wake up at 5 am every day; we work out, Jon gets ready for work, I clean the house, and get things ready for the day.  However, with Rory by are side in the bed, our morning routine was halted.  Every time I tried to pick her up and move her back in her crib she would scream, it was like someone flipped a switch, and she would go crazy!  

So....after a few nights of sleeplessness I called my mom and asked for some advice.  She told me to let her fuss it out a little bit longer than my normal 10-15 min fussing session.  This was not an option for us, for a few reasons: Rory doesn’t stop crying, she gets hysterical.  We had her crying for 30 minutes the other night and she began having trouble breathing because she gets so crazy!  The other night we let her cry again for almost 30 minutes and Rory began thinking her crib was a piece of playground equipment and she was jumping out of her crib!  Jon and I literally had to run in the room and grab her before she fell out!  

So we got a carpet for me to camp out on the floor. 

We could see her on the floor in the monitor, so I wanted to see how she did one morning.  I snuck out of the room and watched her when she woke up.   It was actually really cute because she woke up looking around as if she was wondering what was going on and how she got on the floor!  I am not sure if she will need a toddler bed or not.  We are looking but I know Rory, and if she can get out of her bed and play she probably who knows!

All I know is that Jon and I are EXHAUSTED!!!  I hope this is just a stage- if anyone has any hints- Let me know!

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  1. I am not sure how useful this will be but my little girl wouldn't let me leave her for the first 14 months of her life. Then I was able to put her in the cot and sit on the floor next to her while she fell asleep. I gradually moved to the end of her cot and then out the door. On bad nights I would sleep on a camp stretcher next to her cot so that when she woke up I could put my hand on her and then shush her back to sleep. Again, once I had done this I gradually moved out of the room - having a stretcher half in and half out of the room is not practical but our room is next to hers so I slept near her and called out when she woke up.
    Another suggestion we were given was to swap the baby monitor around so that she could hear me without me being in the room.
    Good luck and I hope you get some sleep soon.



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