Thursday, May 31, 2012

Floor Bug!

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Rory’s new sleeping trend is sleeping on her floor.  Jon and I have gone back and forth about getting her a toddler bed, but haven’t gotten one yet.  Yesterday I decided to put the mattress from her crib on the floor.  I put some blankets and pillows around it incase she rolled off.   I was quite nervous because I have heard horror stories about transferring toddlers from cribs to beds.  When my sister got my nephew a toddler bed she said the first few days and nights were hectic because he kept waking up, getting out of bed, and playing.  
Rory did so good!  She actually slept better on her floor mattress than she does on her crib!  She did roll off the bed, but because of my wonderful video monitors I was able to watch her.   When she started stirring and realized she was off her mattress she moved her cute little self back up on the mattress.   I could hear her when she woke up, and was watching her to make sure she wasn’t jumping off her mattress, but all she did was reading books to her babies.   

I have two hands and two feet with all digits crossed in high hopes of her sleeping through the night!

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