Thursday, May 10, 2012

hardest night of my career

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Last night was by far the hardest night I have ever had with Rory.  She went to bed at 8pm; was up at 9; then got up again around 10.  Those three times I was able to just rock her to sleep; she was pretty tired because she only took an hour long nap during the day. She got up for the last time around 11.  This time I could not rock her to sleep. 

We laid on the floor (like we normally do) but she was not ready to go back to sleep.  We just laid there for a while, until she went to the door and screamed for me to let her out.  She then wasn’t sure if she wanted to eat or go into my room and sleep in mommy’s bed.  We tried both.   

We first went to the high chair to try and eat.  Of course everything I asked if she wanted she said “no.” She finally ate some of a cereal bar and drank some milk and then went to mommy’s bed.  

The only thing that happened when we went into my room was we woke up daddy (as if he wasn’t already awake).  She laid down for a few minutes and then was up walking around my room.  She was up giong back and forth from room to room just screaming “Mama” even though she was in my arms.  We finally put her down in her crib for a while just to let her “scream it out” for a while, but she got so worked up she had trouble breathing and was gagging.  

Around 3am, Jon and I were completely exhausted.  Knowing that our alarm was going to go off in an hour and 15 minutes, we used our last resort: Baby Signing Time.  It is a video of little kids signing and singing songs that Rory loves.  I let her watch the 25 minute program until she fell asleep.  I felt like such a bad mom, but we had no other option.  So today’s blog post is small, because I am exhausted!  I will post more tomorrow ;)

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