Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's Day Flower Bouquet!

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Mothers day is this Sunday, and I wanted to make myself a present!

Many of you may know that my husband is a veterinarian and we both have a love for animals.  This means we have a few pets; 3 dogs and 2 cats to be exact.  I love my pets dearly, however, they destroy everything!  We have never been able to have nice things sitting out in our living room, this includes wonderful fresh flowers.   I have always wanted to have fresh herbs and flowers around the house, so Rory and I decided to make our own for my mothers day present!

These are also extremely inexpensive to make and they make great gifts for mothers and grandmothers!

  • card stock
  • pipe cleaners
  • pencil
  • tape or strong glue
To make these flowers, simply trace the outline of your hands on card stock.  I decided to trace my hand and Rory’s hand to make different sized flowers.  I also used different colors of card stock for multiple colored flowers.

Cut the hand print out of the card stock and uisng a pen or pencil, curl the fingers to make petals flare out a bit.

Grab a green pipe cleaner (for the stem) and using another color (for the inside of the flower) bend the pipe cleaners together to connect them.  I just twisted them a bit and they were plenty secure.

Take the hand print with the curled petals and wrap it around the pipe cleaner connecting the bases of the hands,and put a piece of tape (or use the glue) to connect them.

I tied a ribbon around them and put them in a vase!  Believe it or not, the cats haven't touched them!

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