Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rory Update!

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A few days have passed since the sleepless nights with my blistered baby girl.  She is doing quite better.  After the first night of Rory screaming in pain, I immediately scheduled an appointment with Rory’s doctor to make sure it was Hand Foot mouth disease and not something else.  

The doctor said it was just a bad case of Hand Foot Mouth.  Since she wouldn't’ eat because of the blisters in her mouth hurt so bad the doctor told me to make her a “kiddie cocktail” to give to her before she eats.  The cocktail was 1 teaspoon of mylanta and 1 teaspoon of benedryl.  After it was mixed I had to put some on my finger and rub it on Rory’s blisters in her mouth.  It seemed to help a little bit.  The main thing that helped was all the grapes I bought her, I let her eat as many as she wanted.  

Every night she sleeps a little better.  She woke up this morning and many of her blisters had popped and visibly looked better.  She points to the blisters on her hands and goes “pop pop pop.”  

For now we are boycotting all of her normal scheduled activities, the doctor said she wasn’t contagious after she broke out in all the blisters, but she still looks bad and I would not wish this on any other moms!  

Her doctor said that it should last 7-10 days; we are on day 7 and I am so excited its almost over!  Nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain....nothing!!!

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