Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Routine is King!

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Our Routine is King.  Rory and I live, breathe, and  die by our schedule.  Last week Jon had the PRK procedure and he was was out of commission for a while.  He was at home, but in a lot of pain and was stuck in bed.  Because he couldn’t use his eyes, Rory and I had to drive him to his doctor appointments.  It was a hard week for all of us being off schedule.
Rory was so confused.  We had to wake Rory up early and drive (longer than we normally do) to the doctors.  The worst part of the week was how completely awful it was to have Daddy in the other room- but couldn’t play with us.  Rory would stand by our bedroom door and scream and fuss until I let her in to see Daddy.  
Because she was so off schedule she was so fussy and crazy at night. She was crazy. 
The past few days, Jon’s eyes were better and he was back walking amongst us- It was like a normal weekend; we went to the park, we went to see the ducks, and Rory’s fussiness and craziness went away.  
Rory was back on schedule; Jon’s eyes were better, and all was good with the world.  Routine is King ;)

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