Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Water Baby!

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This memorial day weekend was SO much fun for my family!  We did so much with Rory that we could have used Tuesday just to recover from the chaos of the weekend!  On Friday we went back to the botanical gardens to play.  It was extremely hot this, it seemed like the temperature here went from mild, in the 60’s to Hot Hot and humid, so we went first thing in the morning.  I only wanted to stay a few hours because I didn’t want Rory to get dehydrated or overheated.  

Rory wears her old shoes (the 5 centimeter lift) and we are off to the races!  If you couldn’t see Rory’s shoe lift, you would have no idea that she had anything wrong with her leg!  We were running through the water, marching, acting like monkeys, waddling like penguins, and splashing as much as we could!  Watching her running around made me so proud- she was moving around so smoothly!  I was the happiest mother there!  The smile on Rory’s face would make the eternal pessimist smile.  
Not sure who it was more fun for, me, Jon or Rory!  

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