Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fourth of July Flags!

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I can almost smell the Fourth of July fireworks!  I have never made any Fourth of July crafts before- so today was a first for me.  Rory told me that she wanted to “paint hands and feet” today; so I couldn’t let her down.  I knew I wanted to do something “Red, White, and Blue,” but that was about the extent of it.   We grabbed our supplies and took off for the back yard.  Luckily, my husband has an American Flag hanging in our garage and it caught my eye on the way out.  
What could be better than Hands and Feet Flags!   Please keep in mind...This is a 21 month old interpretation of the American Flag.  I meant it to be a learning and fun activity, not a “realistic” flag.   
Flag Fun!

For this activity all you need is paint and paper; and its so easy and fun!  We used Red and blue paint (obviously); however we did not use any white paint for the stars or stripes, rather we went to store and bought pretty star stickers and used white paper.  But, if you use a piece of colored paper you may need white paint for the stripes.   
Firmly believing that almost everything is a learning opportunity, we heavily reinforced colors!  
We started with the stripes of the flag by painting her feet red.  I let her walk across the paper long ways making the beautiful red stripes.  (This was by far my favorite part, mainly because when Rory walks without her shoes she walks on the very tip top part of her toes.  It was really neat for me to see the whole left foot and the blue toes of the right foot!).   I made sure (As best as I could) when Rory was walking on the paper, that she left spaces between the red stripes for the white stripes.  Also, keep a nice square segment in the top left of the flag for the blue part and the stars. I kept reapplying more paint and having her walk on the paper, since there were gaps in her footprints.  
After a hand washing, and several splashes in our water, we were ready for the blue part of the American Flag.  For this, we painted her precious paws blue and just let her “hand blot” the top left square until it was filled with blue paint.  We were going to try and do “finger print” stars by applying white paint to her finger tips and pressing her fingertips down on the blue part of the flag, but it began raining so we cleaned up and went inside!
After the paint dried, we put some silver stars on the blue portion of the flag.  Although we bought 50 stars, Rory only wanted to put a few on the flag.  We counted each star we put on, which I think was why she lost interest since she can only count to 10!
Happy Fourth of July!  Now Daddy has a new flag to display in his office!  

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