Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Father's day to Papa!

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Yesterday I wrote about how my husband, Jon, was such an amazing father.   Today I would like to continue on the “fathering topic,” and talk about my dad.  My dad is is a role model for any man, he's wonderful, caring, and will bend over backwards to help anyone at any time of the day.  There are several things I really love about my dad; however the thing I love the most is how he is with Rory.  He is always calling and asking to Skype with Rory.  
When we do Skype with “Papa” it is not what many would think.  My dad doesn’t just sit and talk to me, he is completely focused on Rory.  The two of them will either make silly faces together, sing songs with her, or play peek a boo; and I think for all of those reasons  (and for many more) she is a “Papa’s” girl.
It is pretty funny how my toddler already knows what the ipad and Skype is!  She frequently asks for the ipad to Skype her Papa.  The other night when we got done skyping, she was so upset and started crying for more “Papa.”  It is really neat for me to  see how close the two of them are.  I love how Rory asks to call him and Skype him.  Although I do wish that we could be closer so she could spend more time with my dad, until that time comes we are happy to be able to Skype.   We are so lucky to have such a great Papa and can’t wait to see him again!

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