Monday, June 4, 2012

Potty Chair!!!

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Rory always amazes me.  Everyday she does something new that completely blows me out of the water!  Today, was no isn’t even noon and yours truely has used the potty chair twice!  Yesterday she used her potty chair 3 times!  Of course; we now have a whole new toilet paper budget, but it it is no doubt cheaper than diapers!  
Rory loves to take pictures with my phone!

I know everyone has their ways of potty training and different methods work for different kids.  Currently, Rory loves to use her potty chair for: 

  • using toilet paper
  • Mommy singing and doing a happy dance
  • She often will ask to call Dada, Mimi, or Papa after she goes potty- and so loves to use the phone

So Big!
I can’t believe that Rory is getting so big!  The other night we were looking at pictures and videos last year of her and I am completely shocked at what one year can do!   I bought pull ups yesterday because I know that is our next step.  She is just growing up so fast! 

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