Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Restaurant Success!

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This weekend Jon, Rory, and I did something we never do: we went out to eat at a restaurant!   Going out to eat has become a bit more difficult since we have a toddler.  It has always been a little bit challenging with us being vegetarians.  Although many restaurants are now becoming more “vegetarian” friendly, we don’t know if their “vegetarian” is our “vegetarian;” in that we don’t eat lard, fish or fish products, or other animal byproducts.  I am also very pick about what goes into Rory’s belly, I have made all of her food since she started eating solids.  Although, I have gotten rather lenient (she does eat ice-cream sometimes and loves freezer pops) I still like knowing what is in food that goes into my daughters stomach. It is just easier (and more fun since Jon and I like to cook) to eat in the house.
We have only been out to a restaurant with Rory once a few months ago.  We went with some of our friends, who also had two girls, to a “kid friendly” restaurant.  It was kind of a disaster because the girls were all over the place, Rory didn’t want to eat any of the food (mainly because it was too hot), and Rory was out of her chair running around after teh appetizers were served.  Jon and I need that we would never bring Rory out again.
Sunday, we went to the beach in the morning and then afterword decided to drive to Pocahontas Pancakes, one of our favorite places to go before Rory was born.  Breakfast is good for vegetarians too because they have many meatless options!  It was a little crowded, as it always is, there was a 15 minute wait.  Being by the boardwalk we decided to wait outside and see and people watch until our table was ready. 

This time out was so much different!  Rory started getting really excited about eating pancakes! Not only did she stay in her chair the whole time but she ate the pancakes, she ate a whole pancake!  She loved watching everyone, especially looking at their shoes.  She also really enjoyed drinking out of a straw and waving to everyone. It was a very successful outing, a perfect ending to our weekly beach day!

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  1. cute! i agree it is much better to eat food you make at home but it is nice to be able to go out sometimes too. :-)



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