Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shark Shoes!

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The first time the other day I bought Rory a brand-new pair shoes at the store!  She also got to wear them and we never had to put on a lift!  We got Rory a pair of flip-flops at Target because outside we have  Rory’s water table and her “Water-wonderland.”  We decided that she needed a pair of shoes for her to walk out to her “waterpark.”  We didn't want her current shoes to get too wet, and she loves being in bare feet, so we thought the flip-flops would be a good idea.  Also in the summer her feet get so hot in the shoes Rory picked them out herself because they have sharks on them, and since Rory loves all animals she immediately saw the shark shoes put them on!  Now she loves to put on her shark  shoes!
Shark Shoes!
It's hard to see her walk in her shark shoes especially the little right shoe. She's is on her toes so much and her little toes slide out of the tops of teh shoe.  it's hard for her to walk in them, but she does it!   The other day when we had our water park she was falling on the way back into the house.  It is tough because the outside ground is unstable and harder for her to walk.   She loves her shark shoes so much, which makes me happy. 
It was so nice to go into a store and buy shoes without having to look at the materials the shoes were made of, whether the glue will fit, if the shoes were thick enough, etc... I didn’t have to think about any of that, I mainly just made sure the shoes were  easy to slip on and off Rory’s feet and that she liked them.   
She loves the shark shoes!

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