Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Silly Roro's

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Rory's favorite pictures!!

 Rory loves Shannon: she loves skyping her, drawing pictures of her, looking at pictures of her, and talking to her on the phone.  There are a few pictures of Shannon, Miah and Trish where they are making funny faces.  Rory sees it when she goes through my phone and has recently taken an interest in the pictures.  She just stares at it, almost confused; so I explained to her that they are making “silly faces” and proceed to show her “mommy’s silly faces,” and I will ask her to show me “Roro’s silly face.” 

We love to get the mirrors out and make silly faces at each other.  Her new thing is going around the house saying, “Silly Roro’s,” and “Silly Mama” and the goofy faces begin.  

It could be the cutest thing in the world!  I just love hearing her say "silly Roro's!"

Yesterday we had such a fun time outside, we went out to the park, went on a “hike,” kicked the ball around, and of course: made silly faces!

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